Started to learn Reinforcement Leaning, from level 0: Atari Pong Game. Stopped and think a bit on the gradient calculation part of the blog.... hmm, I guess it's been almost a year since my Machine Learning basic course. Good thing is old memory eventually came back and everything starts to make sense again.

Wish me luck...

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    Learn fast and well or you won't be a part of the next learning evolution generation.

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    @TylerDDevRant true, the pace of evolution in machine learning is astonishing. A month of ml is like a half a year in another field. And there is the problem that you can't read research papers fast enough to catch up as there are too many at once.
    You can observe marvelous things on the hourly bases in the facebook group Artifcial Intelligence & Machine Learning with it's half a million members.
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    @heyheni Exactly. I felt that's where everything is happening, much like what app development was in around 2007 1st iPhone released.
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