I started iOS app dev thinking there’s good scope in the future,now I hear people saying app dev is gonna die switch to data science. Tf

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    Just stay with what you like and are good at
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    @Konsole well I did start with ios worked on a couple of projects too,recently I started this ai course which teaches you how to train your ai to beat a game(doom specifically) which I found interesting and a fun project to work on,I’m confused on what to pursue on ,have been told by a lot of people to not stay on one domain so I tried exploring,which makes it worse to choose what to pursue
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    @serverconnected Try everything, see what you like. U won't know until u tey
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    @Konsole ya that’s true
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    @serverconnected if everyone implement data science, who the fuck gonna implement it on real life software? They are just retards wannabe that doesn’t understand shit. Statistic has been out since fucking ages, no need to running around screaming about it.
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    Newspaper is gonna die, switch to online news, when will u become a man
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