They break your heart too 😭💔

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    Audience all left lol :D
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    It was a test audience. They broke her illusions about the presentation
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    Its so true, except that I never assume my code to be bug free.

    Been doing it for to long for any such illusions to linger.

    A good tester is so much worth.
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    @Voxera Only in combination with good devs though. If everything that isn't a happy path gets dismissed as "not a use case, won't fix" the best testers won't help.
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    Has anyone ever said "the tester broke my code!"
    I think we're all aware that testers find the cracks in the code that we're already there
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    also break your illusion about yourself haha
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    @jiraTicket I actually heard that a lot from several roles in the past: "stop breaking things" or "now the testers break it". Even some testers identify as "I break stuff" yet testing is really not about breaking stuff. If at all testing reveals in which way things are broken (or not) and I think this is what maaret wants to get at with her slide. I personally am not a big fan of this negative language: I don't want to break anything, neither code nor illusions. I want to figure out what this wonderfully complex system in front of me does, what it's strengths and limitations are. I want to share that information with my devs and help them to make it even better.
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    Only the good ones, the rest think they are good.
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    @Godisalie Happy paths are an illusion... some paths are just less error prone than others.

    But there will always be one in a thousand users who manages to cram their birthday into their bank account field, regardless of type systems and validation methods.
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    @Godisalie, so we need good management too.
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    Program testing can be a very effective way to show the presence of bugs, but it is hopelessly inadequate for showing their absence.
    -- Edsger Dijkstra
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