Boss:(pastes a bunch of Python code in Slack)
Boss: Need to convert a long list of ints to a comma separated string. Can you finish it for me? Need it now, I'm in a hurry!!
Me : (Delete all boss's code)
Me : input=[1,2,3,4,5,6,....] output=",".join(str(e) for e in input)
Boss: Damn you! Thanks. Brunch on me today.

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    Loveing it..
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    If there is such a thing as halal pythonic code, thats one of it.
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    Say a prayer for guido before that brunch... 😄
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    It's like when you try to program C in JavaScript...
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    While I find it ideal that a boss must have a minimal knowledge in coding,
    I believe that the boss at least tried, accepted his limits and give an appropriate thank you after.
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