> 14 years old
> Read about worms
> Making virus sounds cools
> Decided to make one
> Dreamed how I would use it on my friends
> Made a "virus" that looks for all the exe files and append "malicious" content
> Ended up messing my own system

This story makes me feel that I was
1) dumb
2) slow af( took me days to read/write properly)

One of those has changed now 😜

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    When I was 14 I caught a virus while fishing with worms and then while home sick the next day, wound up messing my system up trying to get online to chat with friends.

    Wait no that must've been 19, I didn't have internet at 14 so I was just stuck crashing it with fallout2 all the time.

    That's also about how I read that whole rant up until you used the words malicious and system so pretty safe to say the only improvement I've made since then is I bought a macbook pro with some money uncle sam loaned me.

    Any case I know this isn't your first rant but I probably forgot to tell you anyway so...

    Welcome to devRant 🙃
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    @M1sf3t that took an interesting turn of events.

    Oh hi OP, welcome to the crazy town of.. wait wasn't I on reddit a minute ago... oh man where am I??????????

    *looks around for a street sign* :/
    Oh devRant 🙂
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    @C0D4 yea that probably wasn't the best introduction was it. Still reeling a bit from nearly bricking my computer yesterday. At least thinking I did for quite a long minute.

    For some reason apple thought it would be a good idea to make it really easy to change the user name on your admin account and not at least warn you that when you confirmed the changes you would no longer have admin access to change or anything else back.

    Thank god drunk duck didn't need them to go bang google cuz he damn sure couldn't seem to figure out what to do on his on.
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    @M1sf3t lol okay let me clear this when I was typing that story it made complete sense and now after read your comment I realised that it's all worms there
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    @mzfr oh no worries, pretty sure if it weren't for all my fun with windows my best guess at the word bug woulda been that thing they sucked outa neo's stomach.

    You coulda said hydra maybe but then I would've been too busy drooling over the thought of your 12 monitor set up to pay attention to anything else.

    Well except for the next thought of the nice african american lady lying out by the pool doing her best not to get tan lines... 🤔
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    When I was 14, I created a batch file and named it 'Do not open - Secret vault'.

    I stored this file on my flash drive and whenever my friends borrowed my flash drive.

    They immediately became curious and opened the file on their computer.

    The batch file infinitely opened cmd in an endless loop eventually crashing their OS and I was known as a freaking genius. Lol...
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