Had a freelance client half a year ago, they called to do some edits and adding features yesterday. But i dont work im web development any more and no longer feel like doing it. What should I do. Can i just bail or do i give the their money back or whats the best course of action here?

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    I think it depends on the contract. If your contract includes editing the product and adding new features you are out of luck.

    But usually adding new features is part of a new contract and not scope of the old one.
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    I agree.
    Also, it would be better to outsource rather than returning the money. That way it's your responsibility to find someone suitable, since you guarantee quality.
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    What if I said there is no contract ?
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    @AymanH if there is no contract, then it is fair to tell them that you are no longer in that line of work, and if possible, recommend someone else to them.
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    If you're not doing work in their domain anymore it could be a good idea to suggest someone to them who you know and who can fulfill their requests. This increases the chance that they will stay in your sphere of influence and will lead customers of your domain to you (that being either themselves or someone they know).
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