Client: I dont want you to rush. Okay?
Me: Okay sir.
Client: But I need it tomorrow.


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    So you got tonight to do it. How nice if him, our customers sometimes want it yesterday ;-)
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    Hello, fellow freelancer, do you like being fucked in the ass with a rusty fork too?
    Because that's what most of your client will do !
    Make em' pay more though, seriously
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    @Alfer yes make them pay more, even if I was able to finish it in two hours, the earlier you want it the more you pay! I have a schedule was not put on this earth just to do what x wants!
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    @Alfer Yes, increase the price. squeeze 'em dry.
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    Next time, I'll increase it. Hahaha
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    I have a job for you. It should only take 10 minutes.
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    Hahaha. I'm a developer. Not a magician.
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    Seems to hear my old boss.
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