Hi people,
I have been trying to come up with some idea for an android app as a side project, but no luck. Can you guys suggest some things I can work on.

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    An idea generator. 😉
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    @Root That would be great. How should I approach this? 😅
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    @shandaar “Develop” an imagination. :D get it? I crack myself up
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    @shandaar Phrase generator would be a good place to start.
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    @lynob a new keyboard with bigger keys...
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    I like brainstorming sessions.


    Let's start:

    What things are you good at ?

    (Probably no use writing an app for something you are not good at..)
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    @Nanos do you mean in what languages/technologies or very specific nit-bits?
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    @iAmNaN do we really need another keyboard. I think you might be able to find some that meets your requirement.
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    @lynob I have tried something like this using openCV. I had implemented GrabCut algorithm.
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    @shandaar I've looked, but haven't found any yet.
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    I mean things generally, like football, fixing cars, running, watching TV.

    If you could list say, a dozen things you consider yourself good at, and we can fork from those.
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    @Nanos so lets say I am good at binging tv series so how should I proceed taking that into account.
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    That makes me think of torrents, or file download links, or video downloaders, and things like popup advert blockers, anti-virus protection.

    Also makes me think of, review sites, scheduled information for repeats.
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    Also makes me think of specific language subtitles, whether a video is in language X or not.

    How some video's the lipsync is out. (Be nice to have an auto-lipsync video player/addon.)

    How some videos the end is missing.

    How some need transcoding to play on lesser hardware.
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    Makes me think of, other series of the same, unaired pilot episodes.

    Missing episodes.

    Episodes not available to view online anywhere..

    Similar shows that you may like.

    Eg. I loved Lost, but what is there which I haven't seen and is like Lost ? (An app that perhaps remembers what I've seen, so doesn't recommend duplicates.)
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    Videos that are too dark.

    Video's with poorly scrubbed graphics, eg. copyright symbols in the corner.

    Video's with poor sound quality.
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