GODDAMMIT okay time to set up 2fa

(GitHub says nothing was done to my account besides a login but i'm still suspicious...)

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    2FA all the things!!!

    It's such a pain in the ass, but god damn when some Indian/Asian/Iranian/Russian "hacker" tries to get in, its good to know they can only get so far.
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    You dont have 2FA ? WTF ?
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    Probably checked out all your code and prepared to delete your repositories to demand monies
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    @jespersh joke's on them, everything there is either forks or backed up somewhere
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    @Haxk20 didn't know GitHub had 2FA till now
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    @lunorian first thing I did
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    Wait, let me check your new password to make sure it's strong enough
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    Hacked from Russia: they are just smarter than you.
    Hacked from the US: yeah they spy like there's no tomorrow.
    Hacked from China: they can't yet decide whether to copy the Russians or the Amis.

    Hacked from India: shame on you.
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    @Fast-Nop india's starting to Russiafy, tbf.
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    found the entrypoint
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    I expected something a bit different from Emuparadise. Like a dating site
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