Anybody else sometimes do not like being a team lead?

I am the senior most person in my team (in fact took interviews of the rest of them). While I love the work and the team, I sometimes feel that I do not get to code that much. I am mostly assigning work, or helping others. Even if I get in the zone, there is always someone who needs some assistance or some meeting, which breaks the flow. Also the tension about non technical stuff like salary increments, giving feedback and assigning backups. I do love it mostly, but my ass is nearly always on fire. The team loves me though. I am still young, took this responsibility because the owner trusted me with this (he has no complaints). Thoughts ?

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    Mujhe bhi individual contributor rehna hai aur naa ki management me ghusna hai.

    Trying my best to ignore interviews and management role.
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    @Floydian The thing is, I got promoted internally (my lead left for his own startup, and I was asked to step in ). It is kinda unavoidable when you stay with a company for too long.
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    @shivam-singh time for you to move out of your comfort zone
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    Im in the exactly same boat as you. I can get barely anything done because theres always someone that needs to confirm something or ask a technical question. And as a guy with a lot of experience I love to help others and explain why I think something should be done some way, or why the previous author designed the code the way he did and such... I actually started to look more into automation and optimizing my workspace and IDE so I can get a lot done in less time, cause at this point Im just barely delivering. I do sometimes hate it too. But not too long ago I found a few really nice posts on devRant about a guy that got a thank you message from one of his juniors iirc and I though "I want that... I want someone to be thankful to me for teaching them a lot of what I know" ... That's what keeps me going for now.
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    I was a team lead before, I hated it. I wish I still had my old account to refer to my rants. Too many distractions, people on your tits every minute of the day, you brain rots with all the management bullshit, etc.
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