Manager: Good news everyone, I made a big giant announcement this morning that the app upgrades will be released today!

Dev: They definitely won’t be, we need another 2 weeks minimum. I told you yesterday

Manager: Ok well I already made the announcement that today was the day so too bad for you.

Dev: Doesn’t change the state of things

Manager: 😡 This announcement is supposed to motivate you to work faster! You guys are making me look bad when you don’t support me like this!

Dev: Working as fast as we can, it’s a 2 person dev team for 4 separate applications so it’s quite a bit to get pushed through

Manager: Ok well then stay extra then, we have to get this out asap. Tell your spouses they are not going to be seeing much of you until this work is done. People are starting to ask questions!!!!!

Dev: Not my problem, it’s done when its done. I’m not staying extra.

Manager: !!

// *************

Might be blowing my cover a little but what are they going to do? Fire me? Good luck getting this out without me. They’ve tried to replace me in the past but the cheapest person they could find was 60k more expensive than me and still couldn’t keep up. Probably they’ll ship the work overseas and the code will die in a dumpster fire and cost them even more. Ah well, just another company that doesn’t deserve code.

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    Stay strong, comrade! Don’t let them get away with this crap! The situation that the manager is in, is his fault alone and he deserves to be in that situation. Otherwise he’ll never learn.
    Well, based on your other rants, he won’t learn no matter what, but anyway.

    Your work place is really like a comic. All the classic/iconic manager behaviors are there.
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    Btw, is your manager Eric Cartman?
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    @boombodies have you tried getting HIM fired?
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    "the only thing it's motivating me to do is update my resume."
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    "well - retract that announcment then."
    "No? Then I suggest you learn how to code, as I will be busy sending out my CV to people, and then with phone calls and interviews."
    "I hope that motivated you to communicate better."
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    @swagnette call an ambulance, but NOT FOR MEEEEEEE
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    You’re doing the right thing.
    Stay strong. Never roll over.

    They can’t fire you if they ever to get that stuff released any time soon. But they can fire your manager for ignoring problems when he’s been told about them.
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    Just quite, mate
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    Remember, your CV will always be there for you.

    Unlike that narcissistic prick!
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    I would:

    1. Go for the "one over". Go talk to the manager's boss. Discuss that what this manager is doing goes against Agile/Scrum principles, and that -- while everyone on your team values productivity & development velocity -- the public statements made by the manager are hurting the image of the company.

    2. Insure your own income by looking for other jobs, just in case. Contact a few companies, talk to a recruiter, just to see what exit strategies are available.
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    Why not get a 30k raise if anyone who could replace you costs 60k more?

    It's not like they could fire you or could afford to see you go.
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    “…just another company that doesn’t deserve code” Love it!
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    I'm proud of you for keeping your foot down and laying boundaries!

    Shit managers can go in the rest of the shit pile.
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    Judging by the sheer amount of rants you post, you should have quite and run months / years ago! Even if it was just for your mental health. How do you keep up with that??
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    @Prutser Money’s pretty good and I’ve had worse jobs
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    It is so hard to deal with such people truly, stay strong stay motivated
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    I am second hand angry for you. Holy shit. This sucks.
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    In my head I'm seeing this as an RPG conversation option tree.

    Personally I would avoid the debate about the manager's insane expectations during this stage and just say "You simply cannot announce a feature as ä done before it's done, you would be making false statements"
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    I would just walk away saying "this is out of the boundaries of my paycheck", whatever salary I had.
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