They always say "Stop wasting time".
They always say "Just use the tools we are all using".
They always say "I get it, you're the OSS guy. IDC, go to work now".
They always say "I hope you won't be logging this time on our customer's timesheet".

And they always come back to me "Look, I've heard that tool you've made/found is really cool and efficient, saves lots of trouble and makes us go faster. Can you send it to me via slack? TIA"

I see things that could/should work better and I make them do exactly that. It's my gift. It's my curse.

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    They want the all the benefits but none of the work, and make fun of you for improving things.

    Just like the plebeians have done with everyone important, useful, influential, etc. in history. If you do something right and improve the world, the commoners absolutely hate you for it.
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    @Root as if they needed a specific reason. :-)
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    I just have to improve stuff that bothers me or is just plain stupid to do over and over again just because "it's always been that way". I feel like you are similar. It's not easy but it feels so good when I could improve something that has been there for ever. But at the same time noone says thank you ever.
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