Upgrading RAM in a customer's laptop, pretty easy, right?

Well not in the Asus VivoBook Max. You have to disassemble everything just to get to the slot under the motherboard because it was too hard to put a fucking hole in the bottom for that. 20 minutes to complete the job and you know what? I also managed to break a flex cable so now I have to fix that or buy a replacement for the whole keyboard/mousepad assembly.


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    Yeah, that's the trend with most modern laptops. Besides business class laptops I don't know any that have a RAM access panel. Blame Apple 😕
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    Well, look at the bright side.
    The ram isn't soldered.
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    @spyridonas well I wish it was, so that I could have said that there was no way to upgrade it and I wouldn't have this problem to solve now 🙄
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