I was building Alexa Skill. I choose Lambda and then Create Function.

Now in the blueprint section the amazon-skill... Is not available. It is under "repository" (the third option).
I'm a newbie, after click and choosing alexa-skill from the repo, I don't know how to configure it to add my facts to it.

Can someone help?

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    TIP #1: If you're building an Alexa Skill and you have no friends then build a Google Assistant Action because no one in this universe is jobless to install our skills. I made a skill and an action. The Action blew up: Currently I have 500 active users and 70000 Users so I got a free Google Home and a Google t shirt but the skill I wrote was released in two versions: Indian Store (The store where we can get our incentives) which no one used (literally) and US store where a dozen people used.

    Summary: Don't build a Skill instead build a Action. At least you get a sense of accomplishment.

    Reason: In Alexa, we have to install the skill but in Google Assistant, we just have to call out our Action's name.

    Hope this helps you.
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    You can ask me any questions, always happy to help!
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    @KartSriv sure, I built a Google action and got accepted for it. I was just figuring the one with Alexa. Do you know other SWAG and developer things to grab?
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    @captainminion The Alexa one is kinda not worth it. Try contributing to repos such as Gatsby, Kong, etc... I got most of my swags from https://devswag.io
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    @KartSriv Yeah I was figuring them out. Meanwhile, I am more in searching of t shirts😂🤣 to be true.
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    @captainminion Kong and Gatsby gives out t shirts. Warning: we from India haveing different sizes. XL in India is L in USA. We follow EU sizes.
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    @KartSriv yeah I witnessed it with HacktoberFest. Is this the same with Google Developer?
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    @captainminion No. I got the correct size with Google's. I choose XL in Gatsby's shirt and got a very large shirt and in Kong I got a small shirt.
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