alexa in action

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    My Ikea smart lights don't do rgb. Didn't think I'd need it. What an idiot I was...
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    I was talking to coworkers about this last year, but ours was “Alexia Override Alpha” which also blasted the stereo but with Death Metal and enabled the LED lights to strobe.
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    Alexa will order new door locks on your behalf.

    Alexa will sell your details to insurance companies and compensation claims companies
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    @Robinha alexa will also use your data to improve your “experience”
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    @Robinha if it can auto call 911, report a robbery, then auto file the insurance paperwork based on image recognition of what left the room (Amazon has that technology now) it will be awesome.
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    I'd personally change it to an audio clip of a Dalek saying exterminate over and over again. Would either scare them, or annoy them enough to make them want to leave sooner.
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    Alexia will be the new protection racket. Subscribe to Amazon Prime Security and Alexia will make sure nothing on social media announces when you are away. Don't subscribe and see what happens! 😲
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    This is pure gold!
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    Made my day
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