You are deep into your code... Thinking, debugging...

Then you stretch a bit and hit your leg on the power button....!!!!😑😣

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    First, remap that power button to sleep mode, then burn the whole place down.
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    My legs hit the light bulb in the ceiling when I do this.
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    @rutee07 are you octopus XD
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    Or when you revert some auto generated files to find out you accidentally deleted one you worked on for 2 hours :/
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    @possum i meant the power switch... But burning the place down is quiet a good idea!
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    @rutee07 you seem to be way too flexible 😝
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    I think you should hide that socket w/ power switch somewhere hard to reach. Stick it to the PC upside-down or something..
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    My power button is on the other side of a wall !
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    I remember a place I worked at had this issue, because it kept all of its Desktop PC's on the floor.

    Folk would kick them, especially when the fans played up.

    And accidentality press the CD eject button with their toe..
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    Place two nice electrodes there instead, instant refreshment
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