How do you deal with people who are being rude to you on your very first meeting for no reason?
I am a peacelover, why do I always get stuck with the likes of these???!!!!

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    Ignore them, you are in the meeting for a purpose, achieve that and leave
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    I really wish ignoring them was that simple, I have to literally spend most of my waking hours with her!!!
    The funny part was she literally started throwing tantrum even before I got the chance to introduce myself !!!
    What have I gotten myself into 😭😭😭
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    Throw mean look and say amaterasu
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    Yay!! A Naruto geek like me 😁
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    You can try ignoring them, but I found this way ineffective . Rude people are rude because this is they're way to live: treat them rude too: IMHO is more useful
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    Wait for them to finish their tantrum, don't say anything. The longer the better. Use this free time to formulate a calm, reasonable and succinct response.

    They finish. Raise an eyebrow, say "ok..."

    ...then follow up with your succinct answer.

    End result - everyone else in the meeting views you as the person who dealt with the situation calmly and effectively, and views your colleague as an arsehole. Make a habit of doing that, and you win. You'll get promoted / recognised / accepted way faster than her.
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