Honestly ...
Am I a simple man ?
I had a small convetsation with a stranger and he suddenly called me "a simple man".
That made me wonder for 3 days and i thought i can ask U .
U can see my prev posts and share your thoughts with me .

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    What would you do when you catch your significant other and your best friend 'went for movies' without telling you?
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    Who cares? Do you really care about the opinion of someone who doesn't know you the slightest bit?

    I know it's an issue of the more introvert people to always think about doing something wrong. But be pragmatic: You're not interested in being friend with this guy, so just think one last time about that situation, telling yourself that it's not worth spending one more second on that conversation and forget it right now.
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    @sandeepbalan he almost does that everytime ... Maybe cuz i'm not into movies
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    @R1100 If i have a say in it, Is this 'he' your significant other or bf?
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    There's not enough to go by if we just judge your devRant posts. I don't care if you're a simple person, though. I don't think there's anything wrong with it.
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    @tekashi but why ?
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    You might appear slow, but I'd call you a lil' asperger.

    Slight grammar and wording mistakes, special, profound technical topics and seemingly shallow social level.

    Also, to be honest, I only like half of your posts because of its low level craftsmanship / involvement to bring your aspects to readers.
    Photographed screens!

    People think I'm a little retarded, because I do look like a douche bag, though act like an introvert.
    Also I use 'special' vocabulary from 'foreign' languages, which is 'creepy' (br./am.ENG / GER / FR / LAT).
    And I actually might be a lil slow on social complexity, because I don't care about drama and high society at all.

    So don't bother. People are and stay dumbasses. Every single one of us; in our every special ones way.

    Discrimination is key.
    For everyone.
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    @scor UR right
    Anyway my dictation grades have always been embarrassing :)
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    Maaaan, take it as a compliment. Like in a Lynyrd Skynyrd way...
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    Is that a polite way of telling someone he's a basic bitch?
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    You may be right.
    This feedback was a quick shot and should be more constructive.

    I'm sorry, I tend to be rude.

    You might want to use more text correction. Although you already sound cool, your language and topics will probably still be cool, when you articulate yourself more widely.
    It helps people hop on.
    SpaceX has a business rule to write out every abbreviations at least once in a document. So people get the vocabulary they need for getting into given situation.

    Please use your PCs screenshot feature. It helps reading the focused content, much.

    Phew. Being constructive is exhausting. ='D
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    I'm a simple man: when I see another simple man I ++

    I checked something on my phone and an elder bypasser said: phone fucker
    It still come in mind after a year and have me think about it.
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