I just want this week to be over so I can focus on coding =\.

Screw final exams, final research paper, final presentation, and final unit assignment.

I’m terrible at procrastination on things that don’t interest me and my fingers itch to minimize PowerPoint and maximize VS

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    Almost there
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    Jesus Christ you're still in school?

    I thought everyone was done already, even high schools lol

    Hell I'm almost done with a semester of summer classes.
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    maybe try latex beamer than you can code your presentation (don't do it if you ain't got time)
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    @Stuxnet haha, my school is a bit different. 5 1/2 week or 11 week classes constantly. Like a week or two break in between each 11 weeks. Don’t really have “semesters”.
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    @ShotgunSurgeon Definitely will check that out for future presentations. Current one is due tomorrow so definitely no time. Like I said, I procrastinate on stuff that doesn’t interest me
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    @MrCush oooh so like a "year long" school instead of traditional?

    There's a private school some of my friends went to that has a schedule like that lol
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    @Stuxnet ya, year long and classes aren’t as long as other colleges.
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