Need help. Just realized that I have been responding to every interaction I have had lately in a negative way. Not sure what's going on, but I just seem to always respond with a negative response. I consider myself a critical thinker, and a devil's advocate. From a previous comment on this site, to a random facebook post of someone sharing an animal rights post. I usually just ignore them and move on, but I ended up responding with poor intention.

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    Maybe read this book: The Positive Power of Negative Thinking:
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    You must be really stressed out. I used to be like this and every now and then, I fall into the same behavior. I noticed that it's usually when I'm really stressed out in some area of my life.

    One example is when I was still dealing with my previous company. It's hard to think rationally when you're overwhelmed although I'm still trying to work on that.

    The important thing is you acknowledge that you are having this problem and your ability to reflect on yourself. Resources related to stoicism are always good. I also just discovered Jordan Peterson this week. Just like our CTO, I admire his patience. It's important to find a role model, someone you can look up to that negates the behavior you want to get rid of.
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    @rutee07 Dr. Pete is a gold m in me (edit: holy Freudian slip. I mean MINE). Whatcha think about Alan Watts?
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    @ihatecomputers Never heard of him. Do you have a spectacular video of him? I usually stay away from motivational shit on Youtube. The only reason I found JP is through that funny debate he had and some SJWs. Then I realized he had more substance than I thought.

    I mean I know he's not a motivation speaker or some shit like that but the videos I keep seeing on Youtube seem to aim towards that. Maybe it's these depressed Youtubers. 😂
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    @rutee07 Yeah many ppl find meaning in Peterson's words. I used to be a fanboy and consider him a guru or whatever. I've outgrown that but I still admire his intellectual honesty and his deep care for other human beings.

    Alan Watts is a philosopher and all around cool guy. He's known for his lectures on eastern philosophy. He's a great speaker and knows his stuff. Helped me a ton with anxiety and depression. I used to watch the shit out of his stuff when life was rough.

    Something like this maybe https://youtu.be/dmd1sGIbO9s
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    @ihatecomputers I still do. And I've read a couple of books. I think he's brilliant. Very entertaining as well ❤️
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    @ihatecomputers Thanks. I'll check it out. I watched JP's advice for people with depression and I've been trying to do those things. Funny how something as simple as cleaning your room makes you feel so much better.
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    Seems like you are just frustrated with something in life which is not yielding your expected output.

    Give it some time and you shall pass.
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