All right Bois, it's my first 3D model in years: a lamp post's base.

Jesus fuck this shit has a learning curve.

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    Nice, wand?

    Edit: missed that you said lamp post 🤣 oops.
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    @bhouston Nah it's just the bottom half of a lamp post. I couldn't figure out how to do the top. This is one of the reference images I was working off of from my Disney trip:
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    Smack an Apple logo on it and price it $999.
    Then sell additional features like upper half of lamp post
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    @jespersh yeah, right, make it a feature! Who needs whole, borring lamp, when you can make your own, special, "unique" combination on your own, by purchasing bottom half and upper half separately. 😂
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    What software did you use?
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    Heres a car I tried to model some time ago. Its simple to get started but soon you get stuck at someting that takes either a long time to do or you dont know how to do it yet.
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    Imagine how much effort does it take to make 3D game.
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    This is a nice post
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    I see Blender I ++
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    lol im also a dev trying to get into 3d, fuck the learning curve this things have
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    @AlgoRythm to model the top, model one of the four spokes separately then use the Array modifier with the offset option to generate three other identical copies.

    Or you can extrude the post till the top, do a loop cut just below the top face to give you a cylinder, and extrude the four faces grouos of the cylinder, then just detail the four extrusions

    Or you can use x-y symmetry (using Mirror modifier maybe) to copy your actions across all four things and just model one spoke

    If you model the lampshade thing as part of the same object as the spoke don't worry (for materials). Make a new material slot, put the lampshade material in it, select the lampshade vertices in edit mode, select the lampshade material slot, and click Assign. You can have multiple materials on the same object, they're assigned to faces.
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    fuck ya dude, I'm switching over from Maya to blender, gotta get back into 3D has been too long
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    @jespersh i wish I could favorite a comment.
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    Can't wait for my new laptop to arrive, then I'll be able to get back into modeling!
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