$category = 'Story';

Holy shit it finally worked I finally got a private server up and running for an old game, after countless forum posts and broken links (note the form isn't that active anymore since 2010)

After finding a working server source you also need a client with the same version

Even though this was a pet project, it feels good to finally complete it. I might even try to build some custom stuff into it

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    Btw, if you are wondering. It is a 'conquer online 2.0' private server
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    Congrats! :D

    Although I would prefer $category = Categories.Story; :p
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    @alexbrooklyn or $category = Categories->story?
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    @ScriptCoded Oops, my bad. Forgot PHP has arrows o.O
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    Congratulations! It feels so good to do something that seems to be impossible!

    Did you document your failures and successes, outdated resources, and all that? It might be useful if you put it all forward —on Github/-lab/-xyz if possible– for the next one going down the roads you visited :)
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    @Flygger hmm no I did not document it, though I could simply recreate it. I am also afraid it might be illigal?

    Is writing a guide with links to (for example) the reversed engineerd or even leaked server source illigal?

    Not sure, because I heard hosting such server for public use or for monetary gain is illigal
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