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Today at work I got a strange email

'about your msi laptop'

(Some background information, a few months ago I went on vacation and left my work laptop at home. Long story short some one broke in and stole my msi laptop)

So this email had my interest. I opened it and the content was something like:

Hi! My name is x, I clean/repair laptops partime and I noticed your personal information on this laptop, normally people whipe their data from their laptop before selling so this is just a double check, if the laptop was stolen please call me on xxx

If I hear nothing I'll assume its alright and will whipe your data

So of course I immediately called him, after a conversation I informed the police who is now working on the case

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    Shiiit we need more people like them
  • 17
    Congrats you got your laptop back
  • 26
    There are good people in the world!
    Hope you get your laptop back. Be sure to treat this guy to something nice.
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    Is that an Eloquent reference at the top?

    Good to hear, I wonder what will happen to the person that brought it to the repair shop
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    @alexbrooklyn hell yeah, eloquent 💪
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    Would love to receive such an e-mail for my TV, 2 PS3's and an ex work PC. Oh well :/
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    Buy him a chocolate
    Or pay his windows license, he will be happy
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