So one of my friend wants to know what a programming job is basically like.

What would you share so that she may get interested in programming ?

I'm thinking of a personalised demo of pure basic chatbot using js which she can try on her phone browser.

I could later share the lines of showing the logical flow of code.

Any ideas or experiences on this?

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    Call someone to scream at you about things that doesn't exist or are impossible, add someone who really need a technician and a sysadmin rather than a developer and lastly spend 1 hr about some bug that you will solve no problem the next day.

    And that's basically it. Programmers life. The true shit.
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    We have a chapter of Girls Can Code coming through on a tour in the near future.
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    @REDCODE i can confirm. Take my ++
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    We dont know her, so the bets way is difficult to tell. Is she into games or drawing then gamedev is quite fun to start out with.
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    @HoloDreamer the company I work for. Our technology department has almost 1000 peeps in it.
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