I feel like when I was a less experienced developer I was way more productive and undertook more complicated hobby projects.

I used to not give a fuck. Use a language I've never used before? Fuck it, let's learn it on the fly. I need to use a weird library with last commit 2 years ago? I don't care, let's import it. Make a computer vision project even though I know nothing about it and I end up just making up the techniques without reading any research? Let's make it my uni year project.

Now days I have so much doubt whenever doing anything. I always spend too much time thinking about what's the best way of doing it and doing research to see how others have done it. All of my experimentation spirit has been sucked away.

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    Reminds me of that quality/quantity research with that pottery thing

    Make 1000 'shitty' projects and you'll see improvement over time, spend 1000 hours brainstorming over one project and it will never become good
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    Reminds me of my toddler. The way he uses my construction tools [junior you] and the way I do [current you]. Lazy? I doubt it
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    It's good to check how others have done it if its been done before - but don't think for a second that any of the existing ways are the "best" way. I would encourage you to do it in the way that you feel is natural. This can have two outcomes: 1) it works well and you learn something or 2) you realise halfway through that the other way is better and you learn something. Either way you learn something and that's the main thing
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