The IT policy at my company is down right ridiculous. You’re required admin rights to fucking move desktop shortcuts to the trash, all chrome extensions and almost anything you download from the internet is a ‘virus’, good luck getting driver support for external devices.

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    what's the point of these policys...makes no fucking sense. Way too much work.
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    It's usually done in the name of "security" by security people, totally disregarding the fact that people need to get work done or the company wont be in business for long
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    Used to work for a fintech company and they had similar policy in place. I have to admit I absolutely hated it. I had no access to production data so this was absolutely useless in my case but every time something updated I had to ask for sys admin to come over and enter his magic password so I can dismiss the reappearing popup window and continue with my job. God forbid if I needed to run a terminal command or install a patch, I had to open a ticket for it. I am a f**** developer and need to be able to setup local environments and do other shit on my computer. I don’t use my computer to just answer emails. This still pisses me off when I think about it.
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