Just tried to present some progress I made on a library to a discord community and all they did was calling me a weeb because my wallpaper 😭

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    For the sake of knowledge, do you care to share da wallpaper?
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    @JhonDoe it's probably some weeb shit lmao
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    Weebs wobble, but they don't fall down, or something like that...
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    That's why when you present something, you either have your own logo (me) or you judt put solid black as background (previously me).
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    @JhonDoe don't have the the wallpaper alone rn. Don't mind the vim
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    @Awlex thank u. that's a cool wallpaper, now I want it
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    Just a weeb? People call me a lot worse on the internet. It builds character, I for one turned into an asshole!. Jk, but yeah, its frustrating for all of your opinions or work to be invalid because of a wallpaper, or a profile picture. But hey, thats the internet and I love it the way it is anyway. Its not a big deal
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    @JhonDoe Here you go: https://wall.alphacoders.com/big.ph...

    @Hazarth Btw, did I mention that they are weebs themselves and it's a common joke for weebs to make fun of weebs? 😛
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