10km stroll a day keeps the XX(X)L away.

It's working :)

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    Awesome, keep it up! 💪
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    Nice. It's good to see health-related stuff here sometimes. It boosts my motivation as well.
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    Sure does. It's even better if you add some faster stretches in the stroll. Try walking at a fast pace for 5 minutes, fast enough so that you couldn't sing but you could still chat. The faster heart rate is proven to be more beneficial than just a slower walk.
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    @nibor yupp, I bet that would work better :) But I do my strolls in my home<->work wayand I am not at all interested in getting to work all sweaty :)

    After all this experiment is meant to test whether simple strolls w/o any additional effors are enough to make the difference. And how effetive it is.
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