Why do I keep getting an error when posting my rant saying, "There was an error creating the rant."?

Has anyone else gotten this before? Happening both on mobile app, mobile browser, and laptop's browser so it's not the platform.

EDIT: So this rant went through so it must be something in that specific rant. It's pretty long.

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    Not enough swear words
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    I get that error when I still have around 150chars left, it has always been like that for me. I'm not sure if it is a limitation in DB Design or something else.

    Try shrinking words like: you -> u, then -> thn
    It will be ok as people will always think its a typo :3
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    @gitpush lol alright. It originally only had 1 left. Then I shrunk it so it had like 30 and still didn’t work so assumed it wasn’t the length. I’ll give it a shot. Get ready for mighty rant
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    @MrCush haha ok waiting :D
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    @gitpush lol well I got it to work with around 150 characters left but unfortunately it told me that you can only post one rant every 2 hours or 1 hour if you’re a ++ member (I am) so I gotta wait another 40minutes because of this rant lol
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    @MrCush You can always delete this rant and post the new one XD
    I do that sometimes if my new rant is worth it
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    @gitpush lol too late. Already waited an hour and just posted. Keep that for future reference though.
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    @MrCush I sure will :D
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