It's freaking 35C outside.

Guys, please close all the windows while compiling. Global warming is not a joke

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    I blame the cryptominers.... /S
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    Better yet...
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    @theKarlisK noooo, I like Canada
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    Sorry, I compiled something on Android Studio
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    It's only 28C here in Dallas. Should be warmer in June.
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    @iAmNaN I envy you... It's gonna drop to 28 tonight here. Hopefuly...
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    Well use more deodorant and air conditioning and maybe I manage to see end of humanity.
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    @netikras That's my main problem too. When temperatures barely go down at night, it feels like you can't even breath.
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    @netikras you know it's actually more efficient to directly release heat outside
    If say your PC emits a given quantity of heat, if you throw the heat outside directly you're done, but if you use an AC then it has to do extra work to transfer that heat outside, so the environment energy goes up by heat + work done to shove it outside your room (to a first approximation).
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    @RememberMe good catch. But if you do not use ACs and heat up the whole room, it'll stay in the room until it cools down itself due to convection.
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    @netikras in which case that heat is in the environment anyway (the convection is just going to carry the heat into the environment, a window just makes it easier), so it make no difference if you close the windows or not (and it going into the floor/ ceiling doesn't make that much difference either, if you heat the floor beyond air temperature heat will flow into the air and it'll equalise, if you hear the air beyond floor temperature, heat will flow into the floor and it'll equalise again).

    Overall if you're generating heat it's going to end up in the environment unless you convert it into some other form of energy (eg. electricity) (and even then, the process is fundamentally inefficient so you'll end up with some environmental heat anyway). Best way to help is to generate less heat in the first place (actually, heavy industry and transportation do far worse stuff to the environment than people compiling stuff, but anyway).
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    @RememberMe hmm.. Heat causes vibrations, i.E. Movement [continuous repositioning in space], which is a form of energy release. Vibration is a work that requires energy, so it should consume all the heat eventualy.

    If my contenplation is correct, in a closed environment heat should be converted into vibrations and completely consumed. Ergo, if all windows and dors are sealed, over time all the heat will cool down itself.

    I had my physics course ages ago, I might be wrong 😁
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    @netikras ah, no. Heat _is_ the energy of motion (AKA kinetic energy) of particles in a medium. In a solid that's random vibration, in a fluid that's particles zooming around randomly. What we call the "temperature" of something is just a convenient way of measuring how much the particles of that body move on average (properly, how much energy there is in that motion, but whatever).

    Basically, vibrations are heat, there's no conversion here.

    Technically you do have other ways for atoms to use energy but not very relevant in this scenario.

    So yeah. If you completely isolate your room, it's going to retain that heat. This is why space stations need radiators, in space there's no air so no way to efficiently throw heat into the environment so the station would actually heat up as internal systems generate heat.

    Attached image of the ISS, the panels made of white square things are radiators (dark ones are solar)
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    I'm reminded of someone I know who keeps their PC under their floor.

    Where I used to live, it would be close to 55+c by now, and with 3 portable AC units running in the 12 square metre room !

    As such, everyone had to work naked..
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    I think you should send this idea to Randall of xkcd comics so that he could make a What If? post on this. Unless he already has it
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    I blame @Haxk20 and his obsession for compiling stuff 24/7
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    @endor Yeah true. Wait i just finished compiling kernel.
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    @iAm-GrOoT no thanks. 70C yearly temp difference is enough
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