So, I am fresh CS grad working at his first dev job at a pretty small startup (less than 20 people).
The Engineering team has 7 people and it's relatively flat.
At times, the senior engineers in my team, have 1:1's with the CEO and (what I feel is) some decisions are taken according to that meeting.
I feel kind of uncomfortable about this secrecy etc. even though I know that at least right now I am not experienced enough to be a "decision-maker".
Is this normal? Idk if this is how politics in the workplace happens.. looking for advice on what I should do regarding this..
Also, it doesn't help that I am literally the only Software Engineer (all other Engineers are Senior Software Engineers or CTO) so there is this generational gap which has limited my ability to "really connect" with anyone on the team.

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    I guess best practice is living up to the trust put into you, which means
    - do your job responsibly
    - if you see problems or opportunities, tell someone (instead of thinking it‘s not my job so who cares)
    - don‘t abuse your privileges
    - other than that relax and be yourself, it doesn‘t seem like one if those places where you have to look unfuckwithable
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    At my company we "hire" multiple High School, and college work placements throughout the year. These students often get cocky with their "skillz", and don't know how to communicate properly or ask for help when needed. Often they want to do every task on their own, and end up messing things up more than helping.

    I know that isn't you situation, and please don't get me wrong when I say this, but don't let an egotistic behavior build up in your head early in your career.

    From my experience smaller companies are usually more communicative and open with employees, so don't be afraid to ask about the 1 on 1s and what decisions are being made. Maybe ask if you could maybe sit in on one to learn more.

    To answer your question; from my experience this is normal.
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    Pretty normal I think, for such a small company it's likely those senior engineers are there to help guide and build the business. Since you are the only "regular" engineer (really more of a junior as a fresh grad, but title really don't matter), you have at least been deemed good enough to start training and be a part of the team. Although you should really be having your own 1-on-1s with senior engineers or project lead or something, if that is not happening it would be a little strange.
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    @possum: Yeah, I take my job very seriously and don't fuck around when I am at work and I try to take initiative wherever possible.
    @fire-phoenix: I am the last guy who'd be egotistic. My college friends and mentors had humbled me to a certain degree but after working here, I am just in awe of how experienced the team is and how much I need to learn.
    I have weekly 1:1s scheduled but after the first 4-5 times, they started becoming so short that we have kind of not been having them recently because my lead and I are on pretty good terms regarding work, communication etc.
    At times, I have asked about what happened but at certain times, I feel uncomfortable bringing it up. Do you have any ideas about how I can start that conversation?
    @jdebs: Hmm, ok. I guess that's good to know.
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