Me: Browsing the security of a website.

Tell the website developer that they are using the SHA-1 hashing algorithm for encrypting the credentials of it's registered users.

Them: Yeah, so what?

Me: You shouldn't be using an algorithm which was exploited years ago in the age of 2016.

Them: Don't worry, nothing will happen.

Me: *facepalm*

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    Nothing will happen till something will happen. He's right.
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    @JS96 Haha, i see that context.
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    @Deco just leave that company before something will happen. ;)
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    @Deco so, some grey hat hacking us in order? I'm sure at least a few people on devRant could show this guy why he should update his security..
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    then guys what do you suggest ?
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    @Jung AES 256, Twofish and Blowfish are quite common choices and well supported across the board.
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