fuck you !!!

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    Love Vue
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    I wish I could++ you mroe than one time!
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    @gitpush yeah fucking waste of time tricked me two times already with their lovely “simplicity” slogans.

    2 days wasted, couple of gigabytes of useless data put to trash.
    I’ll stick with native development, it’s faster even when you barely know the language and platform.
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    @vane I totally agree with that, flutter is a bit easier an on top of that writing it ends with cleaner code than React, but all in all, going native is just the shortest way to happiness, true takes double the time to write app twice, but it is totally worth
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    Why? I love it 😁 But totally get the frustration (it is javascript after all).
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    @shivam-singh try to use some not standard api like camera with firebase and pdf you end up in configuration hell and nothing’s working
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    yea fuck react native, even if its the only tool i can get to android with in an almost believable nativeness
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    I honestly don’t know why people continue to believe that these cross platform solutions are ever going to be any good.

    They’re never designed from the ground up to be platform-native at the core properly, and always shoehorn a terrible tech for apps (html and JavaScript) in there for good measure because the web is soooooooo automatically cross platform.... right?

    Either stick with something like Xamarin if you absolutely need some sort of shared code, or shunt all your business logic into an API and develop natively for the devices you’ll be running on. 🤷‍♂️
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    @Brolls Well it all started with philosopher’s stone.
    Now we got react native 😅
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    @brolls when you are just trying to get a proof of concept into the clients hands in shortest time possible... and then clients starts paying and asking for prod quality, lol you are officially stuck with whatever crossplatform thing you chose.
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    Ionic does a pretty good job using Cordova. As long as you don’t forget the manifest entries then you’re mostly sweet.. 👍🏼
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    @vane did you mention to him background running for fetch, and other stuff? the hell you face to get that working?

    I had to write all my network calls in native code so that fetching can still run in background, true it is an iOS only issue, but I'm not gonna bloat my API file with if(Platform.OS == 'android) then fetch else NativeFetch
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    @gitpush I am trying with dart and flutter now.
    First time launching this and so far so good.

    I think I will able to make app during this week so it’s more straightforward and nice compared to react native.

    I really want to keep codebase as short as possible cause this app will be sole developed for ios / android and I don’t want to waste more than a month to release it.
    It will be free anyway and maybe I will add some advertising.
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    @vane So far my limitations for Flutter:
    1. Video player widget does not support http headers, so can't call stream endpoint if requires authorization
    2. Audio playing requires plugins that only provide playing service no support for controls or notification controls
    3. Flutter local notifications does not support custom actions so if I want to add custom notification for playing media and add actions to that notification I need to modify the library myself

    Other than that so far good, let's hope no future limitation
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