Startup: let's improve on our MVP and build an actual website app.

Me: ok.

[go through 2 weeks discovery and planning stage]

Manager1: love working with you. You explain and work in a really professional manner.

[MVP gets built in 2 months, I'm the only dev designer devops throughout]

Manger1: Omg love it! Wait till the other manager sees it. I knew you were right person for the job.

Other users: oo cool. I love features x, y, z.

[two days later shows to Manager2]

Manager2: x doesn't work, feature you is not useful and doesn't work... Hate it. I think we'll move you to another project.

Me: (woah that escalated quickly meme plays in my mind)

Me: [explaining MVP, lean methodology, your internal decision making processes]


Manager2: Yeh we want you to not work on any development work (even though those are your skills and extensive knowledge etc) we need you to do admin tasks (that have nothing to do with product or coding etc)

Manager1 and employees: 😲 wtf

Me: I quit

- - -

Now they are struggling in every way possible and don't have enough funds to hire another person close to what they need to help them.

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    Good call on quiting, this boat will keep sinking
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    Fuck that guy. And that’s the reason they’ll sink.
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    Perhaps next time go to the boss above manager 2 and tell them they need to replace manager 2, just ask manager 1..
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    how come these people (like manager2) climb up to become a manager in the first place?
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    From my experience, because the person above them who promoted them is a complete idiot..

    If you got an idiot for the top boss, you can only wait for the company to eventually go bust.

    And then the whole process starts again..

    Isn't evolution fun..
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    @Nanos there is a contradiction.

    If she should ask the boss to replace manager2, because of (assuming that everyone except OP is a man) his stupidity, doesn't that mean that the boss is also complete idiot who's stupid (according to your statement).

    It would be ineffective.
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    I work for Escape Rooms and I'm going through a very similar thing right now. Management wants the devs running rooms and is taking away our time to develop new rooms, then complains about how long it takes to get our tasks done. Gonna quit soon. Hope they fun finding new good developers for minimum wage when we all quit. Cause they fucking wont.
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    Sometimes the top boss isn't an idiot, but isn't very good at figuring out who is worth hiring.

    More of an issue in a large company where hiring is done by HR, who if they happen to be a complete bunch of idiots who have no idea who to hire, will hire complete idiot managers..

    Then one day someone from the bottom goes to the boss and tells them how many shit managers they have, and its a complete surprise to the boss who has been told everything is running fine !

    This is why you get TV series like:


    Where they can find out what the truth really is at the bottom for themselves, and not filtered through layers of incompetence.

    The number of good bosses though is falling from what I can see, we are running out of them !

    My experience is just a little bubble of reality, so the other advice was more general.
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