top categories of people screwing my job:
- consultant
- fake positive thinking attitude

We just hired a fake positive thinking consultant

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    At least they can pay for 1, having both... lol
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    @xewl hahahah yes, that's a REAL positive thinking
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    Who's/what's a consultant?
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    @LOLjustCoding An incompetent Idiot who gets bought into a company, messes shit up, acts as if he knows everything and leaves behind a trail of Spaghetti, half implemented processes and chaos.

    Or in short, a tech hooker.
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    Fake it till you make it?
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    Your company hired a consultant to help them fake positive thinking?

    Or...was "fake positive thinking" describing the consultant who is consulting on something else altogether but is one of those "OF COURSE we can do it! Does today end in a 'y'?!" types?
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    @Godisalie WoW. That's an infection I don't need anywhere near my team..
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    WOW. Disruptive.
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    The management term is "Thought Leader"
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