Which text editor is better for python development???

VsCode or Pycharm?

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    Pycharm is not a text editor
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    @endor yeah you're right it's an IDE sorry
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    I’d like to say Word but I’m mac owner so I must say Pages or Apple robots will kill me in future.
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    I use vscode. But it works best when you run it on Linux or wsl. Otherwise, pycharm.
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    Pycharm does the work.
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    Depends on your preference really
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    If you are just editing single files, like 1-2 file project or so. Or if your project is not complicated and doesn't have too many deps, do with VSCode.

    If you are working on large project, especially web / database related or just too complicated project with lot of deps , go with Pycharm.
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    As a student you can get a pro license for free.
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    Thanks to everyone ✌🏻
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