'Hey I found a bug in your code, it's probably a typo, see here.'

Me: Oh right, yeah. How stupid of me. Thanks, I'll push it.

'It's okay. You can push it or I can do it too after you push the changes we just discussed. I actually simplified one of your methods.'

Me: You, what... ?
(You crammed multiple lines in a single line with your stupid as fuck, rigid constructs, removing my error handling, loosely coupled service, in the name of simplification?)

' Yeah it's just four lines in a single function now, no need to call the function again and again.'

Me: (No... Just no. This totally undos whatever little I could do to avoid supporting your idiotic object in the first place.)
Oh... okay, we'll see. I'll let you know.

What life.
Life in a company full of ignorant, inflated egos is no joke.

I created a service that reads a configuration file and returns the configuration. This person needs five entries for his app logic. He collected them in a object. Quite alright. Except that the class prototype is shitty. I, like a normal person, made my service return a value based on input. I was asked to incorporate this awful object so that I can return the five entries together, which is awful because the service is not supposed to know about how the entries are clubbed. It should most certainly not know about the data members of the object!

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    I prefer to not refactor other folks code unless it serves a larger purpose that I am working on because I hate it when that happens to code I wrote. The elegant lambda expression that condensed my method down to one line has now made it impossible to inspect values at different points while debugging. Verbose code has a purpose sometimes, and my style is not necessarily everyone else's style. So, I wish everyone would not refactor code just be cause they can make it "cleaner". "Cleaner" is meaningless.
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    And those pointless discussions are why I always put a very strict linter in my CI pipeline.
    Let the machine argue for you
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    @monkeyboy I don't have a problem with you improving my code. But if you clean it up by putting multiple lines on a single line for YOUR readability and replacing function calls with obj.StupidlyLongNameSubObj.MoreSubObj.InsanelyLongNameValue = value; I take offence to that.
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    @Commodore yeah that kind of advance shit don't fly here.
    Good 'ol elbow grease never harmed anyone. You kids want the machines to do everything. Not here they won't. Them lousy developers don't get paid for doing nothing.
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