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    welcome to devRant!
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    Thank you @redstonetehnik! I've been lurking for quite a while, so about time I give back to this awesome community!
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    If you do that in my project, I will slap you and you will thank me for it hahah
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    There is a reason for the ); Emoticon
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    only one comment ... it's time to purge the world of people like that ....
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    I just went blind seeing that. How dare they give us devs a bad rep for their creepy looking code -_- I'm very picky about the structure of my code.
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    Guess I'll go find eye bleach now...
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    I guess the only positive thing about it is, that it could potentially be easier to move the statements and their blocks around.
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    Noob here, what wrong on this pic?
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    @Pietson elseif in php does not need a space let alone a line break. It's fine to put brackets on separate lines if that's what you fancy but you don't split up commands like that
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    Also you can be screwed if you don't see the 'else' on the previous line and think it is a lone if statement. Please don't do it :-)
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    @ragone @ieuank thanks guys :)
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    Internal pain increases...
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