To the MSI genius that decided to put the < and } keys in two completely random and non-standard positions: 🖕🖕🖕🖕

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    programmers worst enemy...
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    @Bitwise haha no, they're on their place for the Spanish KB layout. If those were out of place too I would have returned the fuck out of it.
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    Which laptop is this? Mine has the exact same keyboard and no such mixups.
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    TBH they were designed so that you can have the optimum gaming experience and apparently games don't require you to use div tags
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    @NoobCoder but they require me to remember some fuckers that "Moira > genji"
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    @MiRe probably the same model, but apparently they were too lazy to actually adapt the keyboard to other locales and reused the US layout, fitting the rest of keys wherever it came out of their asses.
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    Why all the fuss? Just reprogram it through the steel series driver software.
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    Won't work. Look at the keyboard again, there's an actual different number of keys in the rows compared to standard usage.

    Just looking at that keyboard made my stomach upset.
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    Check out any mac with that layout nightmare and you'll be glad you only have two fucked up buttons.
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    Jeez. I want to cry looking at that keyboard.
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    @irene but if I'd bought a "professional" laptop, it'd come with a U series CPU, half the ram, just the integrated graphics, and probably had costed even more.
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    @rockyk dude.. MSI Steel Series has one of the best typing experience and one of the most amazing key spacing for coding. (Not to mention, gaming)
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    @Arro I'm not saying you can turn it into an ordinary keyboard (why would you wanna do that anyway) but you can change the key bindings to not affect your divs. maybe a semicolon, if you're into CPP or Java.
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    @Scrumbag probably. As someone else said, you can just remap them with the steelseries software
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    A kitten dies each time a person buys a gaming laptop.
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    @irene I had a laptop by HP 3 years ago, and within the first 3 days, the motherboard died. Got a replacement and then sent that one in over the next year around seven times.

    HP has absolutely no quality control.
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    @irene I had the Pavilion something. I bought a new laptop when the screen went white. I was so done. Probably had a lemon. For being my first laptop, it kind of put a bad taste in my mouth.
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    @irene my first laptop was an HP. After 2.5 years the power board literally catched on fire.
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    @dtaposh @MiRe my problem is not with the keyboard itself, but the lack of localisation. How the layout should be for comparison.
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