i just released my first open source project with effort to make a comprehensible documentation for others to use as well as repetitive refactoring to not embarrass myself.
i am equally excited and knowing no one will care about that.

it is based on my effort to make my companies workflow more effective, knowing well this is just a temporary solution in advance to a professional developed system as opposed to having no system at all. so all of this work will fade into oblivion eventually.

i felt this has been too much work just to be forgotten someday so i cling to my naive hope someone might benefit from that and maybe i get one or three internet points.

in case someone is interested in a free quality management software for document control and access with no real state of art, you might find it interesting to visit my qualitymanagement repo

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    Link perhaps? :)
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    The staging site refers to a Discord server for Community, but you link a channel, instead of an invite. Nobody not already in the server can access it.
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    @PrivateGER its just a demonstration to get an impression of the possible ux. at least in my case this whole thing runs in a local network where the access is granted based on login and user permissions.
    if it had been intended for internet access the whole thing would surely be very different. ☺
    should i clearify this and where beside the readme?
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