That's what I call a nice weekend :)

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    @rutee07 a teaser :)
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    Ooh nice. What do you have planted there?
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    Here's some more relaxation:)
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    @Elyz lots of stuff.. Garlic, basil, parsley, dill, spinatch, radishes, salads. That's the first pic.

    The second: cucumbers, more salads, beans, carrots, potatoes, onions, pumpkins,..
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    This is what is called "Full stack Green development".

    No wait! "GreenOps"
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    @netikras that is so awesome. If I had a garden I'd plant all the things. Being able to harvest things you've grown yourself and eat them is so fulfilling. I hope your plants do well over the summer and continue to bring you loads of joy.
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    @rutee07 an excellent choice. I hope you get to live your garden dreams one day 😉
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    Just cleaned and cut back everything in my granny's garden, looks almost as lovely as yours now!
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    @Elyz thank you :) they are doing great! Basils and spinatch had some stress this spring as they had to survive a few nights with -7C. Some of them didn't make it. But the majority survived!

    There is also a garden with all sorts of trees: a few kinds of apples, various pears, plums.. Some currants, gooseberries, wild strawberries, loooots of raspberries, cherries, fluffy cherries [dunno how they are called], etc.

    It is oh such an amazing feeling to grow my own food... I might sound like an old fart.. Idc. It's an amazing feeling. And so relaxing.... Being in nature is my way to recharge
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    @netikras I totally understand and I'm very jealous. Unfortunately i'm limited to putting plants on every horizontal surface in my tiny dorm room. Something about watching plants grow is just great. I get super excited every time one of them has a new leaf 😅 I would plant some herbs outdoors but I'm afraid the other dorm inhabitants wouldn't respect my space and mess with them, so I guess that'll have to wait until I have my own space.
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    @Elyz hang 'em outside the window :) that way you can utilize vertical space w/o getting in anyone's way!

    Edit: that's how I was growing chilli pepers in my dorm 😁
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    @netikras unfortunately the way the layout is, people can walk right up to my window. Nothing is safe if I place it out there :( for now, I shall suffer. But I am plotting my revenge and epic garden for later 😂
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    @netikras @Lucky-Loek I loved them! I only have space for a few plants at a small balcony, but I would definitely have one like this if I had space.
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    I'm looking forward to the summer to have some garden work :)
    I adore it too
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