Contrary to most people I really love to receive email related to jobs when I'm in holiday. I keep important alerts on.

It's like:
email: ***urgent, server down***
me (sipping mojito by the pool): fuck them. let's them deal with that
email: ***requirements all wrong, must develop the feature again***
me (enjoying a dinner): oh, I told them 100 times!, fuck all of them, work for me now, stupid moron.
email: I destroyed by mistake the db with an update..."
me (dancing like crazy): ahahaha I told you that support guys should not have access to production db, fuckfuck you, fix it yourself!!!

and so on..... I don't know, it just boost my pleasure during holiday.

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    I read the first sentence and was like "wow this dude's such a kiss ass tryhard"

    Nevermind jk
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    email: "We found the backdoor code you put into the app. Don't bother coming back. Hope you're having a nice holiday."
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    @JustThat the other person that could eventually write that is the other developer, but it's too shy. The 3rd one is on holiday and too young.

    So that email would mean that the email server was hacked and now somebody is sending spam and phishing emails.

    I told them to rely on a professional service for email and not on an amateurish Key account manager.

    So I'll shit gladly in their mouth if that happened
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    *work related emails
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    Extra ++ for the joyous shitting in their mouths πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ˜‚
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    How do you switch off so easily? Haha
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    @ainsclark years of raging and ranting
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    Your avatar does look in holiday mood.

    Unless that's ur usual avataar
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