Jeez maybe it's just me, not a very smart user, but after at least 6 years with iPhone5, just before changing it, I discovered how to raise the volume without logging in the phone first:

I press the home button, Siri show up, and THEN the fucking raise/lower audio buttons are working.

6 years typing the fucking pin just to raise the volume.
6 fucking years missing notifications and calls just because I forgot the fucking volume on the lower tone. Almost lost a girlfriend for that.

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    Sounds like a bug though.
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    You can change the (media) volume via the control center or using those buttons on the left side of the phone. I'm not sure that's what you asked for though.
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    @IAmAnIssue yes, I would like to change volume with the volume buttons on the left side.
    Without touching swiping or logging in.

    It seems something basic to me, but I wasn't able.

    I had to:
    or log in with pin before using buttons
    or press home, swipe up, swipe left, swipe the volume. FOUR fucking actions. (or more if I miss a fucking swipe)

    I just wanted to use the fucking left buttons.
    For example when I'm in the kitchen cooking and my hands are wet.

    It's a fucking mechanical volume button.

    Now at least I just press home (long) for Siri and button
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    It just works™
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