C++ and MySql++ for a login page, Yes or no ?
I'm relatively new and like C++ (and im to lazy to learn php 😅)

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    C++ via what? CGI? 2000 called, it wants its technology back.
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    What the fuck is MySql++
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    Use assembly
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    @nitwhiz you’re right, HTMLSS 2.0 is the state of the art
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    If you're too lazy to learn PHP, try PHP++. It combines the best parts of C+# and MySQL++ with the intuitive usage of C++
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    The ammount of shit you would have to do to use cgi with c++ could be spent writing a simple php script.

    Shit, even installing a fully working Lamp stack and building that would take way less time.
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    Sure, you could do it

    Why would you want to though?
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    @ddephor perfectly valid in some cases and doable with the libraries around. I would recommend nginx with fastcgi (don't write it yourself) and good use of template library.

    But if you want something with great speed but better web support I would look at go (https://golang.org).

    Also learning PHP while you already know C++ is very doable. Just use the PSR's (autoloader at least) an easy way to do that is using composer.
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    Don't listen other if like C++ want to continue start leaning Qt framework, You get to know many thing and its a GUI library like many software use it like vlc, kde and all.
    Its prity faster than other languages.
    You have to choose web development or system development.
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    How can you be too lazy to learn PHP haha
    I mean if you know C++, PHP will be very easy to learn.
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