Oi mates!
Little #ad (Not annoying don't worry - it's a cool project)

Just wanted to let y'all know about the awesome project from the Stanford University named Folding@Home!

Basically you donate CPU/GPU power and they use it for researching cancer/alzheimer's/etc.

All you need to do is install some software on your server/computer.
Then the software downloads so called "Work Units" (no big bandwidth required - really small packets) and simulates/calculates some stuff. Afterwards the client send the results back to their server.
This way they are able to create a "supercomputer" that is spread all over the world.
You don't need to pay anything except maybe some increased electricity bills (but you change some settings to use only a little part of the CPU/GPU and therefore create less heat).
Of course the program only uses the CPU/GPU power that's not required by any other software on the computer. I can literally play games while the client is running. No performance decrease.

That's a short intro by me. I can suggest you to visit their website and maybe even start folding by yourself!
> https://foldingathome.com

Also @cr78, @kescherRant and me are in a team together. If you want to join our team as well just use our Team ID:

Yup, there's this little stats site (https://stats.foldingathome.com) where all teams can compete against each other. Nothing big.

I hope I convinced atleast some of you!
Feel free to ask questions in the comments!

See ya.

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    As a lot of devs here own a server, I thought it be a good fit to spread the word.
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    There's a whole volunteer distributed computing project run by Berkeley called BOINC. You can contribute to many scientific projects (SETI@home, Milkyway@Home, Einstein@home, etc.).

    I run BOINC on my VPS, fairly painless.
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    Is there any list of what these projects have achieved as they have been running for ages already?
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    @electrineer I don't have a comprehensive list, but the simulations run by Folding@home have contributed to the development of new medications for treating Alzheimer's and Huntington's, as well as finding better ways to treat Cancer.

    The official site has a list of scientific papers based on Folding@Home simulations, but since I'm not a molecular biologist i don't really understand most of them. https://foldingathome.org/papers-re...
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    The site works really great in the mobile Firefox...

    Anyway, is there a FreeBSD client by a chance?
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    @sbiewald the website is: https://foldingathome.org/

    He wrote com instead of org
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    @RememberMe bionic doesnt have the support that FaH does; FaH is super simple to get started, whereas bionic you have to go theough a whole process and build from source depending on your flavor
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    @arcsector only if you have a really wonky distro, I remember just installing from the site/repo
    Plus, simple setup on Windows (also Mac probably).
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    @RememberMe and by "really wonky distro" you mean... anything that's not Debian or Ubuntu? Because it's got real bad support on RedHat and it's derivatives, plus last time i checked the maintenance version was not updated for a long time
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    Is there a docker container?
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    Why not just donate to the World Community Grid?
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