Hello, World! (Couldn't help myself)
What are some of y'all's favorite books? I am finishing Ready Player One right now, and I am looking for some new reading material. Suggestions?

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    The entire Discworld series by Terry Pratchett is simply brilliant.

    Just read them in publication order, though feel free to jump around if the desire strikes you
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    Ovid's Metamorphosis is an all-time favorite of mine. Some versions are figuratively biblical in length because it covers mythology but it's a fantastic read.
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    Lean startup, four epiphany
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    @rookiemaverick Is that a book? If so, when googled, I got mixed results.
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    @castor-rg the lean startup by eric ries
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    Discworld series, Bedlam, and another round of Ready Player One :)
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    Books, there's a damn lot of them, so authors rather: Barker, Tolkien, Lukjanenko(ru), Martin, Gaiman, Rowling, Paolimi and stories about Nibelungs(no matter what author, though I like Germans). A lot of them have a rich storytelling, so it's nice. And way better than any movie/series based on those (even ASoIaF, yes).

    And Wheel of Time! :3
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    I have many favorite books but the one I read (at least partially) almost every year is The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy by Douglas Adams...
    I love that book!
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    "Gang of Four", what an adventure!
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    I have that book to read yet, is it good?
    Also for sugestion/s, if you're into solving crimes an such (thanks GT for not helping) I'd recommend the Will Trent series by Karen Slaughter (appropriate name, really). Can't really tell you where to start cause I think that the english books follow a different order that the portuguese ones (translated, of course). Also "The Crucifix Killer" by Chris Carter.
    As for science fiction I recommend "Limit", a 1100 pages book (again, in portguese, dunno about the english version) about a stroll in space gone wrong. Took me 6m to finish (but read half the book in 2w or so maybe) mostly because school got in the way.
    And the first 3 Milleniums. Started reading the 4th but so far it's on hold because it doesn't have the same charm as the other 3.
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    Ready Player One was great - hoping the author writes more!
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