Shut that down, but at what cost!

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    this meme is as old as Windows XP is..
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    Wel only the last step might have an immediate effect after the first 3. Laptops have batteries...
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    @FrodoSwaggins yet it is still used by people and organizations that you would NOT expect... armed forces, banks and ATMs, schools etc...

    We are talking serious security!
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    @bladedemon think about most of the applications though

    if it's something like an arcade machine, a heart monitor, a motor controller for some assembly line conveyor belt... not much is lost in the case of, say, ransomware. If they're not even connected to a network there's not even a threat due to there not being a (used) attack vector.

    ATMs though? That's ASKING for a slots jackpot payload (almost typed "hackpot," which may have been more appropriate xD )
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    N'other option is painting the screen blacc!
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