Recently I keep watching videos about these beasts.
The shipping cost is absolutely bananas🤦‍♂️
But I really want to get one in Mac layout.

Should I pull the trigger?

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    if you want to go sure you get top quality you may have a look at this project. https://www.modelfkeyboards.com

    As unicomp, uses old hardware to manufacture the keyboards and keycaps the quality has been reportedly beeing sub par.
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    @heyheni yep. That’s exactly what I’m thinking. Their tooling is getting older every year. I worried they can’t make it much longer😔 at least those machines actually used to make real model M
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    @heyheni holy shit that is a lot of money for a keyboard 0.o
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    @AleCx04 yes, it's a small series labour of love replica of the IBM Model F. Anything that isn't mass produced is expensive.
    The Model F is considered even superior to the Model M as it was specially made for bank teller.
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    Ooh buckling spring. Reminds me of my AS400 days. Would love one of these keyboards at 94 bucks that's not too bad. Saw one refurbed at 400 bucks. Now that's expensive.
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    I have one and it really is nice. Does not completely match the original Model M in its feel, though.
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    >in mac layout


    don't do that to a Model M

    (also Unicomp's repro models are badly tooled and you should get authentic ones where possible)
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