So I´m still working on that Sync to get rid of this abomination called Wrike.

Now I have a problem.

To be able to sync mantis with our software I need to be able to create projects in mantis through the API.
No problem.
But then again, I need to link custom fields to that just created project.
The mantis API apparently doesn´t have that.

I now have two options:
1. I expose the custom field functions myself on the REST api.

2. I gain direct access to the mysql database and do it within my sync job in the database.

Well I´m not a web developer. Like, at all.
But I thought: Hey how hard can it be?
So I got an Apache server with php, mysql and XDebug running with VSCode.
Works better than expected.

But now that I have actually seen the mantis code, I´m seriously considering number 2 again...

Fucking php...

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