Meetings are by definition not productive. I don't mean that sarcastically or cynically; if I'm not at my computer actively coding, debugging, or researching then I am officially off task.

Product management and financial types can have all the meetings they want, and try to involve me as little as possible.

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    They are meta-productive though: you are working (thus being productive) on scheduling and maximising your future productivity, setting up a target and defining ways to achieve it.
    Clearly you need to communicate and collaborate with the other people so that you can combine your efforts across multiple areas more effectively - otherwise you'd have to be a one-man company.
    It's still work, just a different kind of work.

    Ideally, anyway
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    People often struggle with this starting out but being a developer in an org is not just coding. It’s also teamwork, project planning, and mentorship.
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